Inaugural Session

Bandon Dunes - May 2024

We are proud to announce that our inaugural session will be held at the world famous Bandon Dunes from April 30th to May 20th. The session will consist of five veterans from around the United States. Over the three week session, these veterans will learn the art of caddying while also having the time to connect as a family and build a brotherhood similar to their time in the military. The veterans will start their journey on Bandon Crossings and then move over to Bandon Trails before finishing their training with a week of caddying on Old Mac.

What The Session Will Look Like

For three weeks, our five veterans will embark on a journey together that will change their lives forever. For some, having the break away from their real life struggles will be a total recharge. For others, having to set goals each day or week will help them get that personal drive they need to know that once home, they can do anything in life they want. Regardless of what each veteran is hoping to get out of their time in Bandon, we know this will be a healing experience that will live with them forever.

Each veteran has their own story, their own struggles and the want to move forward in life. Our session is designed to not only help these veterans learn how to be a successful caddie, but to also find whatever form of peace they are looking for.

The veterans will live together in a beautiful home right off the shore where they can bond and build a brotherhood through their individual stories and experiences.

They will spend their time training on three courses: Bandon Crossings, Bandon Trails and Old Mac. Each week we will set goals for them to accomplish. By the end of each week, they will know the ins and outs of each course. Where to aim or where not to aim. How putts break and how they won’t. By the end of their three week journey, they will leave having the experience and knowledge needed to find work as a caddie and be successful at it.

As the session goes on, they will also get to enjoy some fun golf experiences with the group. By the end of their three week journey, they will have had the opportunity to play Bandon Crossings and each of Bandon Dunes famed courses. All of which are in Golf Digest’s America’s Top 100 Golf Course list.

We hope that by the end of their time in Bandon, each of our veterans are able to find some purpose and healing through golf and caddying. It will be a jam packed experience but one they will never forget.

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Introducing Our Inaugural Class

For our inaugural session, we will have five veterans from around the United States arriving in Bandon Dunes to take part in our three week training program. We are honored to introduce each veteran below.

Bryan Cox

Bryan’s journey began in December 1994, when he enlisted in the Marine Corps. Assigned to HMH-361 as a CH-53E helicopter Crewchief, he embarked on a 22-year career that saw him deploy nine times, including three to Iraq and four to Afghanistan. In 2003, his exceptional service was recognized with the Marine Corps Aviation Association Crewchief of the Year Award, earned for his pivotal role in the rescue mission of Army POW Jessica Lynch. Bryan retired from the Marine Corps in 2016, having reached the rank of Master Sergeant.

Following his retirement, Bryan returned to this hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Here, he found solace and relaxation in the game of golf, a hobby he had enjoyed before his military service. The peacefulness of the course on a sunny day served as a grounding force, a stark contrast to the uniformed life he had led for over two decades. Bryan’s love for golf is a testament to it’s ability to bring both frustration and tranquility, a duality that mirrors his own life experiences.

Bryan and his wife, Hannah, have been married for 5 years. They have a 4 year old boy named Sonny. Bryan also has a 23 year old son who is also named Bryan. Currently, Bryan works part-time as a club service specialist at the PGA Superstore in Las Vegas.

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Edwin Kinsey

Edwin enlisted in the Maryland National Guard in 2021, a few years after graduating from college. Feeling unfulfilled in his work before that point, Edwin decided to carry on in his family’s tradition of military service. After completing basic training and graduating from intelligence school, Edwin was assigned to the 629th EMIBn at the end of 2022, and quickly mobilized with the 58th EMIB in support of Operating Inherent Resolve (OIR) at the beginning of 2023.

Edwin’s relationship with golf started early thanks to his dad’s obsession with the game. Golf has always been a means through which they bonded. Golf also helped Edwin connect with other veterans. As he continues to serve, Edwin intends to use his passion for golf as an escape and a means to connect with others. He hopes that by participating in Loops Fore Troops, he’ll be able to learn from the other veteran’s experiences and apply their insights as he continues in his military career.

Edwin currently lives in Western Maryland and is happily engaged to his fiancé, Julia. The two plan on relocating to Michigan in the summer of 2024, so that he can begin his master’s degree that fall.


Jordan Morton

Jordan Enlisted in the Navy in the fall of 2004, and then the Army in 2008. During his 20-year career, Jordan served most of the time in the Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) and the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC). Jordan’s deployment history includes tours to Afghanistan, Djibouti, Iraq and Korea.

In 2024, Jordan voluntarily retired from active duty service. He owes family, golf and the metaphysical unknown for his completion of honorable service. Jordan was introduced to golf by his brother over a decade ago. His first interaction with golf was awful, but it sparked a desire to play for enjoyment. Jordan believes “Golf is hard and so is life. However, golf is a reminder that persistence and resilience rewards those who insist on the impossible.”

Jordan and his wife, Amy, have been married for 20 years. They have three daughters and two French Bulldogs. Jordan and his family reside in Eastern North Carolina.

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Matthew Savage

Matthew joined the Army in 2003, at the age of 18. As a Florida native, he grew up stakeboarding and surfing. His love for extreme sports made it a no-brainer when he decided to become a Paratrooper. Matthew has deployed multiple times to Afghanistan and once to Iraq. Matthew has been diagnosed with multiple TBI’s, upwards of 150. During his time in service, Matthew completed over 150 static line airborne operations and served in leadership roles such as Primary Jumpmaster and Drop Zone Safety Officer. Matthew has completed more than 300 free fall jumps and has earned his coach rating in skydiving.

Matthew has worked in recruiting and retention since 2008 and his love for helping people is what kept him going every day. The ability to give American’s a chance to serve and then retain them in the world’s strongest Army will always be the highlight of Mathew’s military career. In October 2021, Matthew finally took the advice of medical providers and asked for help with his balance, memory loss and social anxiety. He was placed under the care of the Walter Reed TBI Clinic, where he is currently going through his medical retirement board.

Through Walter Reed Adaptive Sports program, Matthew has been given a second chance at his love for sports and has become an avid golfer and has rekindled his love for snowboarding. Matthew should retire from the Army in 2024 and is excited to see what options may come his way.

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Tony A. Henry

First Sergeant Tony (T.A) Henry is from Christiansted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands. He enlisted in the Army after high school in 1987. During his military career, T.A deployed to Panama, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. Throughout T.A’s deployments as an Infantryman and Paratrooper, he sustained a series of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and experienced symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). T.A was also injured by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in 2011, rupturing his right shoulder and tearing his rotator cuff. Over his 28 year career, T.A served in The Old Guard and conducted twelve presidential arrivals at the White House, Pentagon and U.S. Capitol ceremonies. He also participated in the first inauguration of President Bill Clinton and the second inauguration ceremony of President Barack Obama. T.A earned numerous awards and graduated from various military schools and specialty training courses over his military career. In 2016, T.A medically retired from the Army.

T.A was introduced to golf in 2013, by his Occupational Therapist through the then Fort Belvoir Wounded Warrior Golf Program. He quickly found that golf allowed him to connect with other veterans who were also using golf for their own mental or physical recovery. The game of golf has become a way of life for T.A. Because of what golf has done for him, T.A now volunteers his time with the Links of Freedom Golf Foundation in hopes of helping other veterans find healing through golf.

T.A is attending Trident University and working on a dual degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration on leadership. He is married to Teresa and together they have three children: Taylor, Toni and Tyler. T.A and his wife now resided in Woodbridge, Va.


Sponsors, Partners & Friends

Session Sponsor

From all of us at Loops Fore Troops, we want to thank our session Title Sponsor: Storm King, who has graciously volunteered to make our inaugural dream session a reality. Hosting our first session within a year of the foundations creation would have been impossible without the generosity, support and belief from Storm King. Their belief in our mission and the future of our nations veterans is what has made this session possible.

Session Location

We would like to also thank our host locations: Bandon Dunes Golf Resort & Bandon Crossings Golf Course who have graciously opened up their tee sheet and facilities to help further our mission. Our veterans will have the chance to play each course before they tackle it with a golfer in tow. The Bandon Dunes caddies have showed an overwhelming interest in volunteering to be the players for our veterans. Their local knowledge and caddie experience will play a vital role as they will give valuable feedback to our veterans during and after the round. 

Yardage Book Sponsor

StrackaLine, The #1 Book (Yardage Books and Greens Guides) in golf since 2007 has graciously donated yardage books for each course that our veterans will navigate through. To further their support for our mission and cause that are offering all our followers and supporters with a 20% discount if you use our code “LOOPSFORETROOPS” at checkout.

Clothing Sponsor
Travis Mathew

For our inaugural session, all of our veterans will hit the course in style with a full kit from Travis Mathew. With a focus on versatility, Travis Mathew creates products that are crafted to make you look and feel your best, no matter the activity. Inspired by Southern California’s laidback yet active lifestyle, each design leaves you confident, comfortable and capable – fitting in while standing out. Discover everyday apparel crafted to achieve the perfect balance between innovative design and superior style. For any and every activity.

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