Each Loops Fore Troops session will be executed over the span of three weeks and will be delivered over five phases. 


Our team actively identifies veterans who display interest or receive nominations from others to join our program.  These potential candidates undergo a thorough process to assess their eligibility.  Upon selection, they are granted a place in an upcoming session.  

This process also includes organizing the travel, lodging, equipment and other logistics needed for that veteran to attend a future session.  


This phase is initiated as soon as we identify the five veterans selected for the upcoming session.  Even before they arrive, the veterans begin initial communications with each other.  This will take on an even greater importance during the initial days over the program.  

The program officially kicks off with the activity that brought everyone together in the first place, the game of golf.  This activity not only inaugurates the program but also serves as the initial opportunity for these veterans to establish new and lasting connections among themselves.

While the first round of golf marks the beginning of their bonding journey, each week will feature one or two additional rounds of golf or days off, further nurturing these growing relationships.


Once the veterans have acclimated, and become acquainted with one another, the training phase commences.  In this phase, veterans undergo a comprehensive training regimen that combines both written materials and hands-on training to familiarize them with the roles and responsibilities of a caddie.

Employing a methodical crawl-walk-run approach, we ensure that each veteran comprehends the training thoroughly, instilling confidence before progressing to the next phase.  Subsequently, the newly trained caddies embark on their loops, applying their newly acquired skills in practice over the course of the next three weeks.


At this juncture, the veterans have successfully completed their caddie training, undergoing comprehensive personal growth across physical, mental and spiritual dimensions since their arrival.  Equipped with essential tools, they are now poised to embark on their transformative caddie journey.

Simultaneously, our organization begins tailored job placement efforts for each veteran, marking the inception of their empowered path ahead.  

Regardless of their decision to pursue caddying or not, our aim is to ensure that all attending veterans depart with renewed motivation and a clearer direction than when they initially joined us.


Even after the veterans have successfully completed our program and transitioned into their new and promising paths, our organization remains committed to staying in touch with our alumni.

We uphold an open line of communication, always ready to address any needs our alumni may have.  Additionally, we extend the invitation for them to contribute their support during a future session, fostering a sense of shared experience and community.

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